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Setup Bootstrapper

The Keyman Desktop installation bootstrapper is a self-extracting executable file that contains a Windows Installer technology MSI file, and optionally keyboards. The bootstrapper is used whenever a package installer is created.

The bootstrapper:

  1. Checks the system before starting the installation to ensure that all prerequisites are met, and optionally downloads and installs the prerequisites.
  2. Optionally checks online for an updated version of Keyman Desktop before installing.
  3. Starts the Keyman Desktop Windows Installer MSI package.
  4. Installs any keyboards included.
  5. Starts Keyman Desktop after the install completes.

Command Line Options

The following command line parameters are supported in the bootstrapper:

-cContinue setup after Windows restarts (this parameter is not normally required)
-sRun a silent installation
-oDo not check online for updates or prerequisites (useful with -s)
-x <extractpath>Extract all the files from the self-extracting executable to the path extractpath and exit the bootstrapper.