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Long lines and continuations

If you have a long line, you can wrap it to the next line by inserting a backslash (\) as the last character on the line. The primary limitation is that you cannot use comments on a line like this. The backslash must not be inside quotes.

store(LaoConsonants) U+0E81 U+0E82 U+0E84 U+0E87 U+0E88 U+0E8A U+0E8D U+0E94 \
                     U+0E95 U+0E96 U+0E97 U+0E99 U+0E9A U+0E9B U+0E9C U+0E9D \
                     U+0E9E U+0E9F U+0EA1 U+0EA2 U+0EA3 U+0EA5 U+0EA7 U+0EAA \
                     U+0EAB U+0EAD U+0EAE 

Long line wrapping was introduced in Keyman 3.0.

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