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Tavultesoft Keyman Engine COM API

All aspects of Keyman Engine 7.0 can be controlled through the Keyman COM API. The COM API is very easy to use. A Visual Basic Scripting example of how to access the COM API is shown below. This example uninstalls a package, and is actually the uninstall script for packages in Keyman Desktop 7.0, when an uninstall shortcut is included in a package:

Example Code

dim kmcom, package
Set kmcom = CreateObject("kmcomapi.TavultesoftKeyman")
n = kmcom.Packages.IndexOf("SamplePackage")
if n > 0 then
  Set package = kmcom.Packages(n)
  if msgbox("Uninstall package "+package.Description+"?", vbOKCancel, "Keyman Desktop") = vbOK then
  end if
  msgbox "The package SamplePackage could not be found."
end if