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What's New in Keyman Developer

Fully integrated source editors

  • Changes to source are instantly reflected in the Design Editor and vice-versa
  • Keyboard, Package and Distribution editors all have Source tabs
  • On Screen Keyboard Editor integrated into Keyboard Editor
  • Keyboard, Package and Distribution editors feature integrated upload to Tavultesoft

Much improved character map

  • Displays all characters from Unicode 5.0
  • Filter characters by range, name, font and more
  • Exceptionally clear display with ClearType and font linking
  • Resizeable character cells

Tightly integrated project

  • Project provides a clear step-by-step process for developing keyboard solutions
  • Links in the project take you to tutorials, help, and more

User Interface Redesign

  • Much clearer user interface - every screen revisited and polished

Language Changes

  • 'notany' Statement - provides the opposite of the 'any' statement
  • Maximum store or rule length now 4095 characters, up from 255
  • New system stores for KeymanWeb and On Screen Keyboard links

Keyboard Icons

  • Keyboard icons support 256 colour and transparency


  • New tutorials for Packages, Branding and Distribution

KeymanWeb Pack

  • KeymanWeb compiler and design tools integrated into Keyboard Editor
  • KeymanWeb keyboard test window

Branding Pack

  • Create your own product using the Branding Pack and the Keyman Engine
  • Fully customisable user interface for your product with Branding Editor
  • Distribution Editor to create a Windows Installer .msi for your product
  • Customer Relationship Manager

    • manage your customers and their licences from your desktop
    • fully integrated with the Tavultesoft Online Store
  • Simple integration of your product into Tavultesoft Online Store for instant online sales
  • Integration with WiX provides modern installation techniques for product installers
  • Keyman Engine separated from Keyman Desktop to enable straightforward use in your own product

Modern installation and operating system support

  • Modern Windows Installer for straightforward deployment
  • Windows Vista support
  • Unicode support throughout Keyman Developer
  • Automated online updates