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call statement


The call statement calls an Input Method Extension (IMX) DLL. Functionally it behaves like the use statement, and can be used anywhere the use statement is valid except after the begin statement.

The store given must be referencing a function in an external DLL, as below:

store(DLLFunction) "myimx.dll:KeyEvent"
+ 'a' > call(DLLFunction)
KeymanWeb Support

KeymanWeb supports the call statement. Each function must have a unique name, and is associated with a Javascript source file with the extension ".call_js" that is linked in when the keyboard is compiled. In the example above, to compile for KeymanWeb, the file 'KeyEvent.call_js' must exist in the same folder as the .kmn file. The .call_js file must be in UTF-8 format (with or without UTF-8 signature).


The call statement was introduced in Keyman 6.0.

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