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onlineupdate.xsl: Online Update dialog

This dialog box is displayed when there is an online update available for the product.

XML Parameters

<NewVersion>(new version number)</NewVersion>
<CurrentVersion>(current version number)</CurrentVersion>
<PatchSize>(patch size in KB)</PatchSize>
<PatchURL>(url of patch)</PatchURL>
<DownloadURL>(download url for full upgrade if patch not available)</DownloadURL>
<NewVersionText>(text for upgrade)</NewVersionText>
<PatchText>(patch message)</PatchText>


Target Parameters Description
keyman:keyboard_install Opens the Browse for Keyboard dialog, and then the Install Keyboard dialog.
keyman:openwebsite Opens the URL provided by the DownloadURL parameter
keyman:visitwebsitenow Opens the URL provided by the DownloadURL parameter and closes the dialog
keyman:visitwebsitelater Cancels the dialog
keyman:installnow Closes the dialog and downloads the patch for installation
keyman:installlater Cancels the dialog