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Most products will be installed through an .msi installer using the distribution wizard that is included with Keyman Developer. However, if building a custom installation, this function should be used to install and initialize the product for use in Keyman Engine.

Sub Install(ParentWindow As Long, Filename As String, InstallDir As String, AllUsers As Boolean, Force As Boolean)
1ParentWindowLong HWND of window in case any dialogs need to be displayed during the installation process. Pass NULL if no parent window is available (e.g. in console application).
2FilenameStringFull pathname of the product .pxx file to install
3InstallDirString Installation directory for product. Usually this folder will contain the .pxx file referenced above, plus the applications referenced in the .pxx file. For example, with Keyman Desktop Professional, the folder contains kmshell.exe as well as desktoppro.pxx. The files are not copied out of this folder but are referenced in place.
4AllUsersBooleanThis value must be TRUE for Keyman Engine 7.0
5ForceBooleanThis value is not used in Keyman Engine 7.0 and should be set to FALSE
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