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Control by Control Example

In this example, a simulated webmail form, the default and permissible keyboard for each control is managed by the web page. We use the automatic mode for simplicity of demonstration.

A working example can be seen online at

Code Walkthrough

Include the following script in the HEAD of your page:

/* SetupDocument: Called when the page finishes loading */  
  function SetupDocument()   
    /* Make sure that Keyman is initialized (we can't guarantee initialization order) */  
    /* Disable KeymanWeb interaction on the 'Email to' TEXT control */  
    /* Set the default keyboard for the 'Subject' TEXT control to 'off' (i.e. default browser keyboard) */  
    KeymanWeb.SetDefaultKeyboardForControl(document.f.subject, '');   
    /* Set the default keyboard for the 'Message body' TEXTAREA to the LaoKeys keyboard */  
    KeymanWeb.SetDefaultKeyboardForControl(document.f.text, 'Keyboard_laokeys');   

Also include the following HTML code:

  <!-- Load the KeymanWeb engine -->  
  <script type="text/javascript">KeymanWeb_Key='your_key_here';</script>  
  <script src="keymanweb.js" type="text/javascript"></script>  
  <!-- Load the LaoKeys keyboard stub -->  
  <script src="laokeys_load.js" type="text/javascript"></script>  

<!-- When the page has finished loading, advise KeymanWeb of control settings, see above -->  
<body onload="SetupDocument()">