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On-Screen Keyboard Class Names

The appearance of the KeymanWeb On-Screen keyboard can be customized by a web designer by redefining (or adding to) the default styles used by KeymanWeb. Styles recognized by the OSK all have the class name prefix "KeymanWeb_VK_", and are divided into in two groups, classes associated with OSK keys, and classes associated with other OSK elements.

Class names for styles associated with keys are indicated in the following table:

Element typeGeneral appearanceAdditional styles
Character output keysKeymanWeb_VK_1KeymanWeb_VK_Char
Base letterKeymanWeb_VK_3KeymanWeb_VK_Key
Control keyKeymanWeb_VK_5KeymanWeb_VK_Control

Other recognized class names are:

KeymanWeb_VK_TitleGeneral style for OSK title bar
KeymanWeb_VK_TitleActionsGeneral style for buttons on OSK title bar
KeymanWeb_VK_HelpStyle for Help icon in OSK title bar
KeymanWeb_VK_PinStyle for title bar 'pin' (restore OSK to default position)
KeymanWeb_VK_CloseStyle for Close button in OSK title bar
KeymanWeb_VK_ResizeStyle for resize control (lower right corner of OSK)

An additional class, KeymanWeb_VK_Char_<keyboardName>, can also be defined if a developer requires OSK keys to change appearance when a particular keyboard is selected. Two further styles KeymanWeb_VK_Right and KeymanWeb_VK_RightStatic allow the UI designer to control the appearance of the right OSK border.