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Branding Tutorial

Branding is the process of putting your own product name, logo and distribution model together for creating a custom product based on Keyman Engine.

In this tutorial, we will look at how to choose an appropriate licensing model for your product, and adapt the Keyman Desktop user interface to meet your product's requirements.


You must purchase a licence for the Branding Pack before you can use the Branding Editor or the Distribution Editor in Keyman Developer.

  1. To get started with this tutorial, open the Project window, and click the Branding tab.

  2. Click New Brand Template and enter a filename for the branding source file. A branding source file will have a .kct extension. Click OK to create the file.

  3. A dialog will appear, prompting you to select a template for customisation. You should select the "keyman" template for this tutorial, and click OK.

Step 1: Choosing a licensing model