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Keyboard Design

Most of the standard Keyman functionality is available within KeymanWeb. The following lists additional information that you can pass to the compiler and some recommendations.

Additional System Stores

  • &VisualKeyboard: Use a store with this name to reference the .kvk file to embed into the KeymanWeb keyboard.

  • &KMW_Help: Simple help text can be included below the visual keyboard through this store.

  • &KMW_HelpFile: (mutually exclusive with Help) Reference a .html fragment to embed below the visual keyboard, where more than one or two lines of text is required.

  • &KMW_RTL: Flags the keyboard as right-to-left. This tells KeymanWeb to switch the active control's text direction to right-to-left when the keyboard is activated.

  • &KMW_EmbedJS: Embed a source JavaScript file (relative to the current folder) into the compiled KeymanWeb keyboard. This can be useful for customising the On Screen Keyboard and extending keyboard functionality.


  • Only Unicode keyboards are supported.

  • Avoid using virtual keys where possible, as some platforms do not support all virtual keys. In particular, Opera does not support ALT.

  • Only Internet Explorer can distinguish between left and right Ctrl/Alt, so this functionality is not currently supported in KeymanWeb.

  • Do include a visual keyboard and help information - this makes the keyboard vastly more useable.

  • Save your keyboard file with a lowercase filename - this makes cross-platform references less problematic.

  • Virtual key output is not supported.

Compiling for KeymanWeb

Keyman Developer 7.0 allows you to compile your keyboards for KeymanWeb. This functionality is only available to licenced users of Keyman Developer Professional with the KeymanWeb Pack.

Users who have activated the KeymanWeb pack will have access to a KeymanWeb tab in the Keyboard Editor within Keyman Developer. This tab allows you to specify additional options for KeymanWeb, compile to KeymanWeb, and test your keyboard within a KeymanWeb test window.