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KeymanWeb 2.0 Initialization Options

The following options can be defined by the site designer in the initialization call to KeymanWeb.

Option nameDescriptionDefault value
keyLicense or subscription key(none)
ui(Desktop) user interface to be usedfloat
rootKeymanWeb script folder URL
resourcesUI image folder URL[root]/resources
fontsList of embedded fonts required for OSK or keyboards(none)
attachControlsByDefaultLet all input controls have input remapped by KeymanWebtrue (false not yet implemented)
unmappedKeyboardNameNormal keyboard language when keyboard mapping disabledEnglish
defaultKeyboardHelpKeymanWeb prompt messageSelect a keyboard from the drop-down list
controlDownColorActive control key color in OSK#e0e0e0
keyDownColorActive key color in OSK#c0c0ff
keyHoverColorHovered key color in OSK#e0e0ff

All option values are strings, except for the ui option, which can be either a string or an object array containing named members. If the ui option is an object, one member must be name, and other members are specific to the ui. The only currently defined ui-specific option is position: 'right' for right-alignment of the "float" ui.