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KeymanWeb 2.0 Overview

KeymanWeb is a cross-browser JavaScript input method solution.

The KeymanWeb 2 API provides Javascript functions to allow a website developer to integrate the use of KeymanWeb multi-lingual keyboard mapping into a website, using either a standard or a custom-designed user-interface. The functions are exposed as API calls to the KeymanWeb core, the On-Screen Keyboard module, a Utility function library, or one of the standard User Interface modules.

A KeymanWeb instance is automatically constructed when you include the compiled KeymanWeb script (kmw-release.js) in your web page source.

The KeymanWeb API comprises the following objects:

ObjectExposed as
On-Screen keyboardwindow.tavultesoft.keymanweb.osk
Utility Functionswindow.tavultesoft.keymanweb.util
User Interfacewindow.tavultesoft.keymanweb.ui

All exposed functions are called using standard Javascript syntax, e.g.:

var result=object.functionName(arguments)

One way to access the API functions is to define a global scope variable kmw and invoke all functions relative to that variable, e.g.:

var kmw = window.tavultesoft.keymanweb;
kmw.helpURL = myURL;;